What We’re Planning

We’re building a fitness tracking site.  Like many others, we’ve seen the value tracking and analyzing data can bring to any fitness program.  Unfortunately, we’re often using 3-4 different services to track our activities, and the data can’t be combined in any meaningful way.  In some cases, we’ve even resorted to pencil and paper or Excel spreadsheets.

Beyond simple tracking, though, we want to bring your coaches and trainers into the equation.  Let’s be honest.  All of this data is great, but sometimes you need someone to give you a nudge in the right direction.  If that’s not a trainer, maybe it’s a friend or family member.  Whatever the case may be, we want you to be able to connect through the site and share your exercise and nutrition plan.

This means we’re going to be building a web site and a handful of apps for both iOS and Android.  We aren’t building apps just to make money on the latest trend.  Granted, we’d appreciate making some money, but the real truth is that apps make tracking fitness data much more convenient.

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