Head Sloth #2 – Kevin

KevinIn the words of Austin Powers, “Allow myself to introduce….myself.”

My name is Kevin Davis, and I’m one of the founders/developers of Subdue the Sloth. Jason and I thought it would be nice to let potential users know who we are, and why we’re going down this oft-traveled road.

A little about my background is in order. I went to Oklahoma State University, and graduated with a double major in Exercise Science and Business Administration. After completing my American College of Sports Medicine certification, I completed an internship in the corporate wellness program at Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas. From there, I worked for Q The Sports Club (now part of 24 Hour Fitness,) as a personal trainer, and eventually running two clubs as Operation Manager. From there, I ventured into the software industry, working for FitLinxx, a company that integrates technology into fitness and wellness clubs.

Okay, so that’s enough resume from me, but it does help to set the stage for an important point. Fitness is HARD. I know, that goes against everything that fitness marketing people are supposed to tell you. They want you to believe that this great pill or device is the secret to helping you “get the body you want.”

I’ll tell you the real secret to get that body…set your goals, get accountability and assistance, and work your ass off. Rinse, lather, repeat. I come to you as someone that’s gone through this myself. Even with a fair amount of knowledge about fitness and nutrition, I’ve struggled with body fat, weight gain, and missing my fitness goals over the years. Only within the last year or so have I really put all of the pieces together to sculpt my body into what I want it to be. Most of that success comes from the help and guidance of an outstanding personal trainer and coach.

My current goal is to be as lean as possible (6% body fat) by the time that I turn 40 in December, and I’m well on my way there (after 5 months of hard work, and 2.5 months to go.) I’m also training hard to do a Men’s Physique body building show in April, which will allow me to take my body to the next level.

The main reason I wanted to be a part of this project is that although there are some good tools and apps out there now, I’ve not found one that gives me all of the tools I need to succeed. I have found many that allow me to enter my food for tracking, track my weights, and that sort of thing, but each one will fall short on one or more of the features that I need. A huge component for me is the ability for my trainer to monitor, support, and encourage me through technology, as well as provide prescribed workouts and nutrition plans. The communication required to do this successfully without technology is quite daunting, with texts, emails, paper print outs, etc. With STS, we hope to build something that shifts that burden to the website and app itself, so that the trainer can focus on the motivational aspect, and the user (me) can focus on continuing to do the work in the gym and in the kitchen.

I’m glad you’re here and at least considering joining us along this journey to create a new and innovative fitness solution!

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